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Food Safety 

Wherever food is served, it is important to demonstrate the highest standards of food preparation, handling, storage and serving. 
Our three CIEH Food Safety courses are designed with this in mind and complement the guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). 
Introductory Certificate in Food Safety Level 1 
The CIEH Introductory Certificate in Food Safety is a great way to introduce beginners to the safe preparation and cooking of food. 
Who is this course for? 
Anyone new to food safety 
Ideal for use in schools 
New employees working in low-risk environments 
Anyone with an interest in safe food preparation at home 
Course overview 
The course will help you understand more about the importance of good food preparation. You’ll learn about training and cooking practices such as keeping yourself and your work area clean and hygienic, how food becomes contaminated and steps to reduce this. You will also learn how foodborne, pest and physical contamination pose serious health risks and the controls to reduce these risks. 
Key facts 
Introduces the concept of safe food 
Improves your food preparation and handling knowledge 
Starter point for further study as a food handler 
Foundation Certificate in Food Safety Level 2 
The CIEH Foundation Certificate in Food Safety is designed for anyone working in a food business. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to prepare and cook food that is safe for consumption. 
Who is this course for? 
Food handlers preparing or cooking food for consumers 
Anyone wishing to refresh previously learned skills and knowledge 
Businesses looking to provide staff development to food employees 
Self-employed, food-based small business owners 
Course overview 
This course reinforces the importance of food safety and provides learners with an understanding of how to identify and control food safety hazards in their own workplace. 
Key facts 
Offers the minimum standards for the food safety industry 
Builds on the Introductory Certificate in Food Safety 
Recognises good practice as a food handler 
Gives confidence to consumers 
Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety Level 3 
The CIEH Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety is designed for managers and supervisors who need a broad understanding of food safety control, and who have responsibility for developing and maintaining a food safety management system. It is recommended that all food environments should have at least one person trained to this level. 
Who is this course for? 
Anyone involved in supervising and managing others in a food environment 
Those wishing to progress from the Foundation Certificate in Food Safety 
Course overview 
The course covers an in-depth understanding of how to apply and monitor good food safety practice. It also ensures that supervisors know how to implement food safety management procedures. 
Key facts 
Leads on from the Introductory and Foundation Certificate in Food Safety 
Develops your understanding as a supervisor in a food environment 
Expands knowledge on how to apply safe food controls in a practical environment 
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